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Ubuntu boot hang up with kernel 3.0.0-15 and lvm2

January 22, 2012 Posted by jbonofre

Today, I updated my Ubuntu box and a new kernel has been installed (3.0.0-15 x86_64).

At boot, my system hangs up just after the /scripts/init-bottom phase.

I tried with kernel 3.0.0-14, the behavior is the same. The latest working kernel was 3.0.0-13.

After digging, it’s when the init-bottom performs vgchange -a y.

The problem is that the script is waiting for the udev device, and starting from kernel 3.0.0-14, it doesn’t work and we raise the timeout.
So it means that the startup is not totally stuck, it just takes long long long time 😉

The workaround is to disable the udev support during LVM2 vgchange.

To do that, edit the /lib/udev/rules.d/85-lvm2.rules and add the --noudevsync option to vgchange:

SUBSYSTEM=="block", ACTION=="add|change", ENV{ID_FS_TYPE}=="lvm*|LVM*", \
RUN+="watershed sh -c '/sbin/lvm vgscan; /sbin/lvm vgchange --noudevsync -a y'"

We have to update the initramfs:

update-initramfs -u -k all

Apache Karaf 2011 Millesime

January 2, 2012 Posted by jbonofre

We are preparing the new Karaf “Cuvée” 2012, with the main new release Karaf 3.0.

Karaf 2011 is a good millésime with the following activity:

  • New sub-projects: 3 (Cellar, Cave, WebConsole)
  • Number of commits: 1,851
  • Number of releases: 11
  • Number of messages on the forums/mailing lists: 3119
  • Number of direct downloads: 44,829
  • Number of tickets open/resolved: 782/577
  • Karaf active team: 12

A good millésime for sure.

Now, it’s time to focus on the 2012 vendange 😉

Thanks for the Karaf users and the wonderful Karaf team 😉