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Apache Karaf Christmas gifts: docker.io, profiles, and decanter

We are heading to Christmas time, and the Karaf team wanted to prepare some gifts for you 😉 Of course, we are working hard in the preparation of the new Karaf releases. A bunch of bug fixes and…

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Use Camel, CXF and Karaf to implement batches

Introduction Apache Camel has not be designed to be used for implementing batch tasks. For instance, if your Camel route has a consumer endpoint polling files in a directory, Camel will periodically and indefinitely monitor the folder and…

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JAX-RS services using CXF and Karaf

Apache CXF provides a really great layer to implement JAX-RS services. Especially, it fully supports OSGi, including Blueprint. It means that you can very easily create and deploy your REST services in a Apache Karaf container. In this…

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