Month: November 2011

Apache Karaf Cellar and DOSGi

Next version of Apache Karaf Cellar will include a DOSGi (Distributed OSGi) implementation. There are several existing DOSGi implementations: in Apache CXF (powered by the CXF stack), in Fuse Fabric, etc. The purpose of the Cellar one is…

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ApacheCon NA11 2011: so great

Sad, too early ;). You know this feeling when something great is ended. I was at the ApacheCon NA11, Vancouver this week, and it was simply awesome. I gave two talks: Apache ServiceMix future ( Deployment with Apache…

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Apache Karaf moved to OSGi r4.3

Apache Karaf trunk (future 3.0 release) now fully supports OSGi 4.3 release by running Apache Felix framework 4.0.1 and Eclipse Equinox 3.7.1. If this update is just a support update, it gives us the opportunity to see what…

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