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Implement simple persistent redelivery with backoff mixing Apache Camel & ActiveMQ

When you use Apache Camel routes for your integration, when a failure occurs, a classic pattern is to retry the message. That’s especially true for the recoverable errors: for instance, if you have a network outage, you can…

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Apache JMeter to test Apache ActiveMQ on CI with Maven/Jenkins

Apache JMeter is a great tool for testing, especially performance testing. It provides a lot of samplers that you can use to test your web services, web applications, etc. It also includes a couple of samplers for JMS…

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Apache ActiveMQ 5.7, 5.9 and Master-Slave

With my ActiveMQ friends (especially Dejan and Claus), I’m working on ActiveMQ 5.9 next release. Today, I focus on the HA with ActiveMQ, and especially Master-Slave configuration. Update of the documentation The first thing that I noticed is…

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