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I’m now officially Talend employee

July 4, 2011 Posted by jbonofre

After 8 years worked at Fimasys, I decided to move last December.

Fimasys is a great company but not purely middleware oriented (it’s a financial software provider). I was receiving offers from quite long time and I decided to make a choice between Talend and Fusesource.

Both companies are great and I know a lot of amazing guys in each.

The choice was horribly difficult 🙁

On Fusesource side, I was very attracted to work with great guys like Guillaume, James, Hiram, Claus, Gert, Lars, Jon, etc, etc, etc.

On the other hand, the Talend Apache team is awesome: Dan, Hadrian, Sergey, Colm, Glen and Christian. I discovered also great guys from Sopera (Dietmar, Renat, etc, etc) and from DI (Cédric, Rémy, Christophe, etc, etc).

The Talend challenge is really impressive and I decided to join them. It was really hard because I have a deep respect for Fusesource and especially Guillaume.

Finally it’s now official: I’m Talend employee 😉


Welcome to my new blog

June 17, 2011 Posted by jbonofre

Previously, I was using a wiki (powered by JSPWiki) as a blog.

It was largely enough for me as I wasn’t a huge blogger 😉

But now, I decided to blog more especially around the Apache projects on which I’m working. That’s why I installed a real blog engine (WordPress). The purpose is to provide standard blog features: RSS feeds, categories, blogroll, etc.

So, I hope that you will be pleased with my new blog, and now, it’s time to append some content 😉

Enjoy !!