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I’m living in Paris area, married, two children.


I’m SOA/Software architect at Talend, member of the Apache team.

Previously, I was software architect at Fimasys. Fimasys is a financial software provider. I’m responsible of the Fimasys Innovation Center and especially of the Fimasys software design and technological chooses. I created the Fimasys Service Bus powered by Apache ServiceMix and Fimasys OSGi Application Server gathering several Apache projects: Karaf, Aries, CXF, Camel, Wicket, etc.

I’ve also developed BuildProcess AutoDeploy to provide a Continuous Deployment platform. I’ve submitted AutoDeploy to Apache Incubator as Apache Kalumet proposal. Finally, we decided to merge Kalumet and Apache ACE.

I have knowledges in OSGi (Felix, Equinox, Aries Blueprint, etc) and JEE application servers such as RedHat JBoss, Oracle Weblogic and IBM Websphere. I give support to Fimasys developers (with code review) and IT team (due to my knowledges in Unix systems especially Linux Debian/RHES, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, LDAP, HACMP and network with Cisco IOS, OSPF, Zebra, IPF, QoS, etc). I provide helps in Oracle database tuning (database parameters, tablespace definition, spreport analyses, Oracle options configuration such as RAC, DataGuard, Vault, etc). Finally, I have define and setup the Fimasys continuous integration chain including CruiseControl (using maven) and AutoDeploy.

Before Fimasys, I was founder and CTO of the Kireli company. I was in charge of the design, R&D and implementation of the KLO (Kireli Logistic Office) JEE software. KLO manages workflow in logistic chain from the customer order to the delivery with a communication between all supply chain actors (suppliers, customers, etc). KLO was a complete SCEM (Supply Chain Event Management) platform. KLO technologies have been approved by French Research Minister, ANVAR (Struts, Axis/SOAP, Cocoon, JBoss, Tomcat).

In the same time, I was teacher around JEE technologies at Montpellier Polytechnique a High School Degree. I was developer at the LIRMM (Laboratoire d’Informatique, de Robotique et de Microélectronique de Montpellier), a technology lab in France. I was responsible of the implementation of DataMining and DataProfiling algorithms using C/Java/JEE languages.

Before, I was created a web study platform using PHP/MySQL for the METICE, Montpellier university.

It was just after my previous experience in web applications for Interacces (WebAgency), IBM.

Open Source

I try to do my best to contribute to the open source community.

I’m member of the Apache Software Foundation, especially involved in the following projects:


I’m :

  • computer science engineer (Bac+5), licensed by Montpellier Polytechnique, France.
  • computer science technician (Bac+2), licensed by IUT Montpellier, France.
  • scientific Bac (“Assez Bien” degree), lycée Jean Moulin, Béziers, France.

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First, if you have read until now, thank you 🙂

You can read me by e-mail :

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